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Hello, I am reaching out the parents with children.
I am setting up the clay modelling sessions for children and their parents, which is a great way to spend time together. These classes are very entertaining and useful for the creative mind and hands development for kids and adults.
About me: I have been interested in clay modelling since I was 10 years old and to this day clay remains my hobby. I love not only sharing new skills and sculpting together with beginners, but also supporting their own creative thinking and help them develop these new skills. I have some experience working with children and adults in central London – Hackney Farm Pottery Studio.
Recently, I have been accepting students in Rainham, RM13. The price is symbolic 10 £ for 1 hour. Sessions are held for a group of 2-6 persons.
Text or call 07976920620
Pottery in Rainham
Sculpt together with me
follow my instagram: keramika_rainham

7 liepos, 2020


Geriausi Skelbimu Puslapiai Geriausios Skelbimu Svetaines Uk 2019

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Ieškote kur reklamuotis, norite parduoti ar pirkti, ieškote paslaugų …  Jums verta žinoti pagrindinius skelbimų puslapius UK. Deja neradome jokio kito šaltinio kuriame galima būtų matyti visas svetaines vienoje vietoje. Todėl bandysime patys ieškoti šių skelbimų svetainių ir ba …

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