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Friesian stallion, gelding and mare horses


Am Natasha, our family is a horse loving family and we have been breeding friesian stallion and friesian gelding for years now. presently we have two friesian stallion and two gelding to give out only to interested horse loving families. our horses are very beautiful, 16.3hh stallion, gelding and growing! they have a very thick mane and tail and already have pretty feathered feet. they are barn baby and most gentle, sweet horse. They loves other pets and doesn’t mind dogs and the barn cat. They have never offered to kick or bite. They will lift all feet and trims with ease. Bathes and grooms easily and stands tied with no problems. they have been around trucks, trailers, four wheelers, and all other kinds of barn traffic. THEY NOW HAVA 30 DAYS UNDER SADDLE. They have had extensive groundwork and completely desensitized to saddling.They are very smart and picks up on whatever you are teaching them usually within one day. They are calm natured and takes everything in stride.They lounges, backs, loads, etc.They have been turned out with babies, mares, and geldings and has no problems with anyone. They are up to date on worming and farrier work. Vet checks welcomed.

24 rugpjūčio, 2020


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